Fuse Replacement

Electrical boxes, circuit breakers, fuses, etc. are what controls the flow of electricity through your home. When any components of these systems are not working properly, it can cause parts of your home's current to stop. Your rooms could lose power and the source could be a fuse that needs to be replaced. If you need fuse replacement, Service Star Electrical, LLC. is your source. Fuse replacement is a simple procedure, but requres a professional electrician to be handled safely and correctly. We always perform our work on electrical boxes, circuit breakers, fuses etc. in a timely, customer service-oriented manner, and our repair estimates are free. Contact us today by calling 215 887 0300.

Home Electrical Fuses

Fuses serve the same purpose that circuit breakers do in your home's electrical circuitry, but operate in a different way and require different maintenance by professional electricians. For one thing, after fuses do their function and stop the flow of current during the event of an overflow, they become (purposely) burnt out and need to be replaced. This is different from circuit breakers, which only need to be reset with the flick of a switch to let the current start flowing again. The reason why fuses need to be replaced is that they actually get burnt out, which is what stops the flow of electricity. A typical fuse, as you may be recognize, usually consists of a metal wire encased in a glass tube. The electrical current flows through the wire to the rest of your home. When there is an unexpected spike in the electricity that would otherwise do potential harm to anything connected to your electrical circuits, the extra bump in voltage melts the wire, therefore preventing the spike from hitting your outlets, lights, and anything else.

Fuses and Breakers

Like mentioned, circuit breakers are the same in functionality, but different in usage and practicality. While they both protect your homes final electrical current from dangerous surges, they require different procedures to make the electricity flow again. Circuit breakers need to be reset, and fuses need to be replaced. Fuses were more common many years ago and have now been mostly replaced by circuit breakers. However, many home electrical boards still use fuses, and replacements for your fuses can easily be purchased and are relatively inexpensive. Fuses are also not difficult to replace, but professional assistance or instruction may be necessary.

When setting up the electricity for your home or place of business, you may be curious about the choice between circuit breakers or fuses. While circuit breakers are usually used in homes for normal amounts of residential voltage requirements, there are certain low-voltage applications that fuses may be more well suited for than breakers. This is because fuses are usually more sensitive to voltage spikes, and therefore offer extra surge protection that can be required for low-voltage equipment, but unnecessary for most normal appliances. Because it can be difficult for the property owner to determine whether they should use breakers or fuses, it is best to have an expert electrician come address your voltage needs and see what kind of circuit protection you should have to protect your belongings.

The experts at Service Star Electrical, LLC. would be happy to come figure out your situation with electrical boxes, circuit breakers, fuses and more, and put you at ease with our full electrical service. Give us a call any time at 215 887 0300. You can also contact us here and qualify for a FREE inspection!