New Construction

Are you performing new construction or additions on your home? Maybe you are adding another room, making a new doorway, or finishing a room for your basement. Service Star Electric wants to be a part of your new construction project by providing the electrical needs. We will perform the rewiring with expertise and set up all the new outlets, switches, etc. that you need, set up to the right standards and according to your specific needs. You are performing new construction on your home because you want to improve upon it, so why not improve upon the electricity? Contact us today and we can make the construction planning process much easier.

Room Additions

Room additions require new wiring jobs, outlet and power switch installations, and the installation of any new electrical utilities including lighting. Service Star Electric can make the project easier for you by providing the complete electrical installation necessary for new room additions. We set up the electricity for your room additions to your specifications and in full compliance with applicable building codes. If you are planning on any room additions, contact us for the electrical needs. We can make the whole addition process simpler with our electrical work.


When performing renovations on your home, there is a thorough planning process involved. When planning who to look to for the electricity needs of your renovations, Service Star Electrical, LLC. is who you should call. Service Star will cover all the electrical needs necessary for your renovations. Whether performing large renovations, even on your entire home, or a smaller renovation project such as bathroom renovations, upgrading and re-configuring the electrical hardware is necessary. We handle renovations of all sizes, and want to handle your renovations as next. Contact Service Star Electrical and let us do the work.


Service Star Electrical, LLC. is available in your area!

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