Entertainment Center Wiring

Are you ready to have your entertainment or home theater center wired for maximum enjoyment? Home entertainment centers allow for endless possibilities with advanced screens, sound, and more. If you are interested in an entertainment center, you'll definitely need to make some electrical adjustments. With your new equipment, you'll need some rewiring and possibly additional surge protection. We are able to come to your home and set up the wiring specifically to suit your HDTV's, media players, amplifiers, speakers, overhead projectors, everything you need for the ultimate entertainment experience in your home. Contact us if you want to take your home entertainment to the next level, and do it properly with professional electricians at Service Star Electrical.

Intercom Wiring

It can be very beneficial and practical to have a usable intercom system in your home. Don't be hesitant about it because of the installation process: we will handle it for you so you don't have to think about it. We are able to perform the necessary intercom wiring and get the intercom system ready to go for you.

You may currently have an intercom system that is partially or fully out of operation. There are a number of possible causes of this, but Service Star Electrical can fix the problem in your intercom wiring or other component of the system. Whether you are installing a new system or need intercom wiring to fix an existing system, we can do what you need. If you need an intercom system, contact us today.


A necessary thing to have, all homes large or small should have doorbells. Service Star Electrical is happy to provide doorbells for you, including all necessary wiring involved. Everyone has dealt with doorbells that aren't working and knows how disappointing it can be. We can repair your current doorbell or put in a doorbell system from scratch for you. We will perform the necessary wiring for any doorbells and will put you in touch with a large selection of doorbells to choose from. Contact us today if you need doorbells in your home!


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