Generator Service

Have you ever considered investing in a home generator? If you haven't, you should. Home power generators are an excellent resource to have for when the power to your home is lost. Unexpected events can create a loss in power to your home and in some situations, it could be days before it comes back. A generator can solve that problem by providing your home with a temporary power source until the running electricity comes back.

Generators can be an important solution and prevent troubling situations without power. That is why we provide a generator service so that our customers can have this great benefit available to them. Our generator service includes installation, maintenance, and repairs if necessary. We will teach you about how your generator operates and show you how to utilize it when you need to. Contact us to find out more or to set up a service appointment.

Generator Wiring

Power generators require extensive, heavy-duty wiring that must be performed to the right standards to ensure proper function. Service Star Electrical is capable of performing professional generator wiring that won't fall out of order. We are expert electricians and have a specialty in generators for homes, preparing all the necessary generator wiring to get you ready for the inevitable big storms that come and put the neighborhood out of power. Contact us today for your generator wiring needs.

Generator Repair

Do you need a generator repair job? Give us at Service Star Electrical a call. It is a great relief to have a backup source of electricity in case of power failure, but if your generator needs repair at the time when the event occurs, it is useless. So don't wait until it is too late, and ask for a generator repair job. Contact us as soon as possible so we can bring your generator back to full operation for when you need it.


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