Outdoor Electrical

Service Star Electrical is not only the company you can trust for all indoor home electrical needs, but also a company that excels at providing wiring and electrical repair for outdoor electrical equipment. We are experts at all things outdoor electrical, from wiring, to circuit board adjustments, hardware, and surge protection. We can provide lighting, outlets, sprinklers, even electrical work for an outdoor in-ground pool! Just because it is an outdoor job doesn't mean it is a job we can't handle. Contact us to see what we can help you with outside (or inside) your home.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is a great way to enhance your home, and it doesn't stop inside. We are your source for outdoor lighting. We can set up flood lights, patio lighting, deck lighting, and more. We are interested in working with you to find the best configuration to fit your taste and needs. We want to increase the level of comfort as well as security to the outside of your home. You name it for outdoor lighting, Service Star Electrical can provide exactly what you need. For appearance, safety, and security, quality outdoor lighting greatly enhances your home, so contact us to make it happen.


Service Star Electrical installs sprinklers! You care about the richness of your lawn, so you should have well-working hardwired sprinklers installed. Hard-wired, permanent sprinkler systems ease the level of maintenance of your landscaping and provide a more regulated, systematic way of caring for your lawn. A sophisticated lawn sprinkler system requires professional electrical work, and that is where we come into play at Service Star. We install sprinklers professionally and to your irrigation specifications, so contact us if you are interested!


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Outdoor Electrical Bucks County PA

Outdoor Electrical Bucks County PA, Outdoor Lighting Bucks County PA, Sprinklers Bucks County PA

Outdoor Electrical Bensalem PA, Outdoor Lighting Bensalem PA, Sprinklers Bensalem PA

Outdoor Electrical Doylestown PA, Outdoor Lighting Doylestown PA, Sprinklers Doylestown PA

Outdoor Electrical Yardley PA, Outdoor Lighting Yardley PA, Sprinklers Yardley PA

Outdoor Electrical Bristol PA, Outdoor Lighting Bristol PA, Sprinklers Bristol PA

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Outdoor Electrical Langhorne PA, Outdoor Lighting Langhorne PA, Sprinklers Langhorne PA

Outdoor Electrical Newtown PA, Outdoor Lighting Newtown PA, Sprinklers Newtown PA

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Outdoor Electrical Levittown PA, Outdoor Lighting Levittown PA, Sprinklers Levittown PA

Outdoor Electrical Southampton PA, Outdoor Lighting Southampton PA, Sprinklers Southampton PA

Outdoor Electrical Middletown PA, Outdoor Lighting Middletown PA, Sprinklers Middletown PA

Outdoor Electrical Montgomery County PA

Outdoor Electrical Montgomery County PA, Outdoor Lighting Montgomery County PA, Sprinklers Montgomery County PA

Outdoor Electrical Abington PA, Outdoor Lighting Abington PA, Sprinklers Abington PA

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Outdoor Electrical Fort Washington PA, Outdoor Lighting Fort Washington PA, Sprinklers Fort Washington PA

Outdoor Electrical Hatboro PA, Outdoor Lighting Hatboro PA, Sprinklers Hatboro PA

Outdoor Electrical Horsham PA, Outdoor Lighting Horsham PA, Sprinklers Horsham PA

Outdoor Electrical Hatfield PA, Outdoor Lighting Hatfield PA, Sprinklers Hatfield PA

Outdoor Electrical Huntington Valley PA, Outdoor Lighting Huntington Valley, Sprinklers Huntington Valley PA

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Outdoor Electrical Philadelphia PA

Outdoor Electrical Philadelphia PA, Outdoor Lighting Philadelphia PA, Sprinklers Philadelphia PA

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Outdoor Electrical Mt. Airy PA, Outdoor Lighting Mt. Airy PA, Sprinklers Mt. Airy PA