What is a Circuit Breaker?

Circuit Breakers are electrical devices that are designed to manage the amperes (amps) circulating through your electrical wiring. The Circuit Breaker detects a power surge, or overload of electrical current and will "trip" or turn off. Having the Circuit Breaker trip protects electrical circuit damage or short circuit. Once the breaker has tripped, it can be manually or automatically reset, and will then devices running off that particular Circuit Breaker will continue to function properly.  Not all homes use Circuit Breakers to control the electrical wiring throughout the house, alternatively fuse boxes are used but are more common in older homes. 

If a circuit breaker trips in your home, as mentioned earlier it can very easily be reset. Although this is an easy resolution it should not occur regularly. If a circuit breaker in your home continuously trips it is important to contact a local Philadelphia Electrician! Various electrical problems can lead a circuit breaker to continuously trip, and it is important to have a professional assess the situation before it becomes hazardous. 

Service Star Electrical LLC provides Electrical Service in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties in Pennsylvania. If you are dealing with a faulty circuit breaker, contact Service Star Electrical and in no time an experienced and Licensed Philadelphia Electrician will be onsite to repair the circuit breaker in no time. 215-887-0300

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Broken Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breakers are a crucial part of your homes electrical wiring system. Having the breakers in place prevent electrical overloading and overheating. Circuit Breakers are designed to be sensitive to these conditions, and trip accordingly. If one of your circuit breakers are damaged or faulty it is important they be replaced immediately. Broken circuit breakers aren't always easy to identify, but some key signs are:

  • Frequent tripping of the same circuit breaker
  • Corrosion surrounding the circuit breaker
  • Loose On/Off switch on circuit breaker

Dealing with a damaged or broken circuit breaker can be very unsafe, and it is strongly suggested you contact a professional before attempting to address the broken circuit breaker yourself. 

A circuit breaker that trips often doesn't always elude to the breaker itself being faulty. The breaker can continue to trip because of bad wiring in the system, or be caused by a particular devise being used on that particular breaker. 

An electrician will quickly and easily identify if the problem with the circuit breaker, and determine whether or not it needs replacement. Service Star Electrical LLC is just the company to contact for concerns about Circuit Breakers in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Our team of experienced, licensed Philadelphia Electricians are standing by to help you! 215-887-0300

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Look no further than Service Star Electrical LLC for Circuit Breaker Repair in Philadelphia,  Montgomery, and Bucks Counties Pennsylvania! Upon scheduling our services an experienced, licensed and professional Electrician will arrive on the scene, and evaluate the state of the circuit breaker. All Electricians from Service Star are sent out fully equipped with all the necessary tools/equipment they will need to complete the circuit breaker repair job. We encourage you to ask questions, our Electricians are friendly and want to help! Fixing Electrical work is complex and dangerous. Confide in a professional to handle your circuit breaker repair needs, and don't put yourself in harms way.  To speak with a professional now, give us a call: 215-887-0300

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