Lighting Installation

Lighting installation is an important step when improving your home, whether it be for putting on an addition with new rooms or remodeling your existing rooms. The lighting options available yield many opportunities for improving your home in many respects.

Are you a homeowner looking for a better lighting setup? Are you trying to make your rooms brighter, or just want to modernize your home by having newer, more modern fixtures? Service Star Electrical, LLC. provides a lighting installation service that will blow you away. We provide all kinds of permanent lighting fixtures and as a qualified electrical service company, we do all the necessary wiring and electrical reconfigurations. We address our customer's unique lighting needs and give them a lighting setup that makes their indoor lighting the best for them. We offer a variety of types of lighting including specialty lighting applications.

The Importance of Lighting

Lighting is a fundamental part of a modern home, business, or organization, but is often overlooked. Many times we take lighting for granted and forget how important it is to our daily lives. But we have all experienced power outages, and that is when you realize how much indoor lighting really does enhance your life! Lighting not only has a practical purpose by providing visibility at night and in rooms that have limited natural daylight exposure, but also provides comfort by adding an esthetic touch to your home. Adequate, quality lighting is the best way to brighten the environment of your home, making it more inviting for your guests and livable for you and your family.

Because of the importance that lighting has, you should only trust a qualified, professional electrical service company to set up your home lighting and make the best recommendations. Service Star Electrical, LLC. is a company of professional, qualified electricians, and our current customers trust us because of the level of professionalism in our work as well as our level of customer service.

What is Specialty Lighting?

Want to take the look of your home to the next level just by changing the lighting? Service Star Electrical, LLC. can make that possible with specialty lighting.

When it comes to indoor lighting in today's age, there is more to it than just installing lamps. Specialty lighting involves expert placement and sophisticated lighting solutions. We take lighting to the next level to maximize not only visibility but accentuate certain parts of your rooms, making them come to life. Specialty lighting is applied best in areas where certain walls, objects, or spaces should be visually emphasized. Specialty lighting can be the perfect feature of your kitchen, home bar, family room, or anywhere in your home; the possibilities are endless. Specialty lighting can even involve the creative and eloquent use of different colors. Using a specific types of bulbs for different places in your home, and using advanced techniques for strategic placement, your rooms will look completely different than they would with just a standard lighting setup.

Recessed Lighting

One of the best innovations in modern lighting is recessed lighting, and Service Star Electrical provides recessed lighting fixture installation at your request. Recessed lighting involves lighting fixtures that are permanently installed in the ceilings of your home, in a recessed form so they do not protrude from the ceiling. Recessed lighting yields the most useful brightness while minimizing the appearance of the lights themselves. Recessed lighting can be the best lighting option for almost all the rooms in your home, especially modern homes with higher ceilings and greater ares. Many recessed lighting setups come with adjustable brightness through the use of a dimmer switch, giving you the most control. We have recessed lighting fixtures available that can be adjusted at any time for a different angle, giving you the most flexibility. We feel that every homeowner should consider the option of recessed lighting in their home, and we would be happy to come check out your home and see how recessed lighting could best suit your lighting needs. Give Service Star Electrical a call today at 215 887 0300, or contact us here and we will get back to you shortly!