Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panels?

Curious about upgrading your electrical panels? As a homeowner, you are always concerned about improving your home and making sure that it is operating smoothly and efficiently. That includes your electricity, a vital part of your home. Anybody who has experienced power loss knows how devastating it can be, and the way to avoid that situation is through quality electrical work. Having a reliable electrical panel with upgraded, up-to-date circuit breakers and professional wiring puts you in a good place for the safety and reliability of your electricity. Some of the reasons why you may want to upgrade your electrical panel(s) are that, among other reasons, 1) you are planning a home improvement project that will require additional electrical lines, 2) your circuit breakers are old and outdated, or 3) you are experiencing recurring dips or losses of power. In any of those situations, taking initiative is the right decision, and all that requires is a call to Service Star Electrical, LLC.

Are you undergoing a home addition or remodeling project that involves additional electrical lines and outlets? Does your current electrical system need to be adjusted? It is probably time for you to upgrade your electrical panels, and the best way to do that is with Service Star Electrical, LLC. When you have new lines to be added to your home, an upgraded electrical panel becomes necessary. New rooms with more lights and outlets require more electricity than your home had before, and therefore you need an upgraded electrical panel with additional electrical panels.This is because an upgraded panel can handle greater voltage carried by having additional lines and breakers. With an upgraded panel, you will actually be able to supply more electricity from the power company (if necessary) into your home without failure.

Electrical Panels need to be upgraded from time to time not just to adjust for changes to your home, but to keep them functioning properly. Many old electrical panels installed in past decades feature outdated breakers that need to be reset too often. Old circuit breakers are comparatively unsafe, creating the risk of power surges or even electrical fires. If your electrical panel is old and outdated, it is absolutely necessary that you have your electrical panel upgraded. Service Star Electrical, LLC is concerned about the safety of your home's electrical work and would be happy to upgrade your electrical panel.

Circuit breakers can get old after a few years and be subject to corrosion, which could create further electrical problems. This is one of the reasons why you should have a professional electrician from Service Star come inspect your electrical panels. You could have electrical problems escalating in your home and not be aware of it. Before experiencing any negative consequences, you should have us inspect your electrical panels and see if you are in need of a repair or due for an upgrade. You could be losing power through faulty wiring, and that means a higher electric bill!

Service Star Electrical, LLC. is composed of professional, certified electricians who can address your electrical needs, identify problematic issues, and perform the work you need in a timely, efficient manner. With just a short call to Service Star Electrical, LLC., you could have your electrical panel upgraded and working safely in no time. We are proud of our installation and upgrade work for electrical panels, and have a history of happy customers who confidently depend on our service to keep their home's electricity running smoothly. Our work is always guaranteed to keep you satisfied. If you are curious about the current status of your electrical panels, you can send us your information and qualify for a FREE INSPECTION! We thank you for choosing Service Star Electrical, LLC. and hope to be your home electrical service provider for years to come.