What questions should I ask before hiring a Philadelphia Electrician?

Before hiring an Electrician to service your home or small business, it is important to ask the necessary questions. Electrical work can be complicated, and is very important to the functionality of your home, and by asking the right questions you can effectively determine if the Philadelphia Electrician at hand is the best hire.

Know your Philadelphia Electrician's Credentials

Before hiring an Electrician it is first and foremost important to know their credentials. The Philadelphia Electrician you are considering for hire should be Licensed, and Insured. Licensure for Electricians comes in two forms: Journeyman and Master Electricians. Electrician Licensure varies by state. The type of Electrical work you need in your home or small business will ultimately determine what level of licensure is necessary to complete the job.

Master Electricians typically have 3-6 more years experience in the field than Journeyman. Journeyman Electricians must work under the guidance of a Master Electrician, but does not require on site supervision. In addition to Journeyman and Master Electricians, you may see Apprentice Electricians on the job. Apprenticeship is required of all Electricians to gain experience in the field, and may work under both Journeyman and Master Electricians. Apprentice Electricians should always be accompanied by a more qualified Electrician. Only Master Electricians can obtain permits, and oversee any Electrical plans.

Although a Journeyman Electrician is capable of working independently under the guidance of a Master Electrician, it is important you speak with the companies Master Electrician before any work has taken place, and confirm who will be on site to complete the job. The Master Electrician should be able to tell you exactly what they will be installing or servicing, and how long it will take. Communicating with the right, qualified Philadelphia Electrician prior to starting the project will ensure your vision is created.

Insurance for Philadelphia Electricians

In addition to Licensure, remember to check if they are insured. Philadelphia Electricians should always have liability insurance, and workers compensation. Ask the potential Philadelphia Electrical Contractor about their Insurance policy before they start your project!

Philadelphia Electrician Specialties

There are other aspects of the potential Philadelphia Electrician you should know before hiring them for a job. Because there are different Electrical work specialties and niches, find out what this Philadelphia Electrician does most! Although Electricians follow an overall code for procedures and licensure, time and experience spent working in specific fields creates a level of expertise. Say you are interested in additional Electrical work outside your house. It is important when speaking to a prospective Philadelphia Electrician to know their level of experience with outdoor electrical work. Having the right wiring and electrical equipment installed outdoors is crucial, so having a Philadelphia Electrician experienced in outdoor electrical work will put your mind at ease.

Don't hesitate to ask them for references, so you can talk to past customers yourself. If the Electrician at hand doesn't specialize in the work you need, you might want to keep searching.

What can Philadelphia Electricians do for you?

The opportunities are endless when it comes to new/updated Electrical work in your home or small business. When hiring a Philadelphia Electrician, ask what else they can do for you! From Home Security System installations to wiring custom lighting, Electricians can have a major impact on your home! Take the opportunity to talk to your Philadelphia Electrician while they are onsite, and see what else they can do for you.

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